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Words have the remarkable power to change our lives, create our reality, and guide us toward our destiny.

In some instances, all it takes is one word. In my case, it was five words, words planted in my spirit in such a profound way that they would root immediately, then take nearly fifteen years to produce the fruit that God had intended.

We each have a divine purpose and assignment, something that we are to do not necessarily for ourselves, but to contribute to humanity. This purpose and assignment is something that is exclusive to us, something that only we can do.

What if each of us pursued the answer to our life’s purpose and assignment as passionately as we pursued the things that we like, love, or enjoy? What if we gave as much attention to knowing God’s will for our life’s work? I believe, then, most of us would live much more enriched, fulfilling, and content lives with the understanding that it’s not always about us.

Each of us has a testimony, a unique and personal story to tell. With every testimony, someone else’s life can be blessed, uplifted, encouraged, and in some cases, even saved. The five words that God allowed me to hear fifteen years ago were not for me to keep, but to share for the edification of others. This is The Simplicity of My Testimony.

I have had many people ask if my book is available online, and soon that answer will be, "Yes!" I'm still in the process of working out the details and will post an update once everything is set up and ready to go. For now, if you would like to purchase a copy or copies, go to the Contact Me page and we'll go from there. Don't forget to check back soon for more information!